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3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Marquee for Celebrations

Choosing a wedding marquee is always a tough thing to do. You woulmarquee hire kentd like to wow guest when they first come to your venue. As an event organiser, you need to keep many issues in mind that are practical and very important to begin with. Apart from costs, you need to ensure the marquee is catching the right attention.

Here are the top things to keep in mind before you go for a wedding marquee hire in Kent:

Size is always a key concern when hiring a wedding marquee:

If you are selecting a venue, bear in mind the fact that size also matters. Even when you are in love with a special kind of a marquee, you need to keep in mind the fact that weddings guests and the total number of invitees can be accommodated inside the marquee. You should be sure of the number of people that will be crammed into the space. At the other end of the scale, you should select a venue that is not too big for the entire party. Bigger marquees can turn into large empty spaces, especially if the guest numbers are high. You should also keep in mind the food service areas and the dance floors.

Do you want to opt for a traditional marquee hire in Kent?

You need to think about the kind of designs you would like to go for when designing a marquee. You could opt for a traditional look depending on what suits you best. If you are opting for a modern marquee, you should go for a frame marquee that is rectangular shaped and does not require any rope for support. You can use an aluminium skeleton around the perimeters. They don’t require room around edges and are perfect for smaller spaces. Traditional marquee hire in Kent will also win you over if you are a vintage tent lover!

Check the decor:

Weddings are all about decor and the devil is in the details. It is simply not enough to choose a marquee which is of right style and size. You need to pull out all stops to ensure that the decoration is fine and tempting. The marquee linings can be luxurious and can make an added impact with prints and style. You can complement the look with large swathes of colour and lights. This makes for a wholesome appeal and makes the ambience majestic.

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