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5 Decoration Tips to Enhance the Fun Features of Your Marquee Ceiling

With marquee party gradually gaining popularity, the focus of every party organiser is primarily on making your venue look unique. Though there are various ways to decorate the marquee without punching a hole in your pocket, it’s vital to determine which part of the structure you want to focus on. Though decorating the entrance gate is a cool idea as it will extend a very warm welcome to your guests, they will be spending a majority of their time inside the marquee and so transforming the interiors is indeed a cool idea. The easiest way to create a special atmosphere is by enhancing the beauty of the ceiling.

Opt For Marquee Hire In Sussex And Decorate The Ceiling With The Tips Stated Below

  • Floral Hoops

If you are looking for easy and simple ways to give the marquee ceilings a boost without punching a hole in your pocket, using floral hoops is indeed a cool idea. Just explore your creative side and make some beautiful floral hoops which match your party theme as well. Since making this decorative item is quite easy, you can use it to enhance the beauty of your marquee and get some truly wonderful effect.  
  • Balloons

Balloons have been used as a marquee decoration for years as they are not only cheap but using them is completely hassle-free. Whether you want to use the paper lanterns or the traditional rubber balloons, both are equally preferred as decorative accessories. Create a colourful ceiling by hanging these balloons over the dance-floor or the tables within the shortest span of time.  
  • Clear Roof

If you don’t want the marquee to become a barrier between the exterior world and the interiors, the clear roof marquee is a cool idea. They are available in a wide variety of stunning designs. You can also add a touch of nature to the entire section by placing some flowers and plants inside the marquee.  
  • Globes

If you want to decorate the ceiling of the marquee you have hired with something which is extra special, try the globe lights. They are gradually gaining polarity as marquee decorations. The primary benefit of using these globes is that you can use them as a beautiful feature during the daytime and when the sun sets, you can light them up and add a touch of beauty and class in the surroundings.  
  • Hanging Drapes

Accompany some beautiful lighting with those hanging drapes and you can use them as a creative decorative item to enhance the beauty of the traditional marquee ceilings. If you are willing to transform the entire feel of the interiors, opt for those elegant white drapes and add some dark coloured hangings. The chandelier feature and small spots lights also work wonders as ceiling decor for those planning to party below the night sky.

These being said, it’s time you hire a marquee and use the decoration tips stated above to enhance the beauty of the ceilings.

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