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5 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee Hired In Kent

marquee-hire-photo2 If you are willing your wedding venue to be a blank canvas which you can decorate according to your own taste and preferences, then hiring a marquee is the ideal thing to do. With a large variety of the structure available all over Kent, customers have the option to choose one that suits their requirement the best. Whether you have a long list of guests or planning for just a small reception party, there are marquees of various sizes to serve all your purposes. Hire one and enjoy creative control over your wedding venue. Stay assured that the decorative elements won’t be clashing with the design you have planned.

Few Cool Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee in Kent

    • Create Entrance That Extends A Warm Welcome: Place a colourful matting or rug to make your entrance point more distinct. Display large floral on the entrance in such a way that it adds the drama quotient in your doorway. Use some clear signposts for your guests stating the direction they need to travel or gift collection point. Opt for a wooden door if you want to enhance the warmth offered by the space.
    • Choose A Floor Matching Your Theme: If you are planning for a rustic themed marriage, opt for coir matting. It not only makes you feel relaxed but also helps in covering all the flaws in the ground. For those willing to have a more refined look, carpet your wooden flooring to make them more aesthetic. The most cost-effective option is to go for event flooring which helps to level the contours in your ground.
    • Opt For Lining And Not Pleats: Be wise and opt for flat lining instead of standard pleats as the former offer a sleeker and cleaner look. You can also opt for some coloured or patterned lining if you want to add that wow-factor in the structure hired. Doing so will surely help in enhancing the interest quotient of the space and you will be requiring few decorations or floral.
    • Create A Wow-Factor With Your Ceiling: Since you are opting for Wedding Marquee Hire in Kent, take the advantage of high ceiling which gives you the opportunity to use it for hanging purpose. Hang some handmade bunting having ends dipped in neon as it can break the whiteness of the structure. You can even hang some appealing floral and foliage that adds a touch of aesthetic. Talk with a florist and check all the decorative options.
  • Offer The Best Furniture To Your Guests: Choose the furniture for your marquee wisely if you want to soften the available space. Avoid chair covers if you don’t want to make your blank canvas ugly. Consider whether you want to gift it a modern setting or a rustic one before choosing the ideal furniture and decorating their backs with colourful ribbons.
The decorative tips stated above are just a few of the ways in which you can decorate the marquee hired. Don’t hesitate to try out something entirely new or unique!

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