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Planning To DIY Your Wedding? 4 Things For Which Professionals Are Must

Though there are a few DIY works during a wedding which can help you save a few bucks, it does not necessarily mean that you are efficient enough to become your wedding planner. Your d-day is an once-in-a-lifetime affair and so you should try to enjoy the day instead of wasting your time to put things together.

Though few couples prefer making their own invitation cards or choose their wedding attire themselves, there are a few tasks which require the aid of professionals. If you have not approached them yet just because you are willing to give your d-day a more personal touch, you will be surprised to know that you are making the wedding planning process more stressful.

Few Things For Which Hiring Professionals During Your Wedding is Advisable

  • For Playing Music At The Venue

If you are one of the music-lovers planning to run your favourite music at your wedding, think again and hire a professional DJ. They have the latest playlist to keep your guests entertained. They also shoulder the responsibility of starting, stopping and pausing the music when you and your spouse enter the venue or when the wedding rituals start. Just choosing the best wedding menu is not sufficient all the time, you also need appropriate dinner music which your guests can enjoy. The music you choose for dancing will determine how your party will progress.  
  • Choosing Affordable Wedding Venues

If you are planning a backyard wedding just to save a few bucks, simply don’t do so and hire professionals who have years of experience in helping clients choose a suitable wedding venue. If you have a tight budget, simply opt for marquee hire and decorate the blank canvas in such a way so that they become a reflection of your taste and preferences. Opting for really cheap decorations and lighting isn’t a wise thing to do either. Approach a professional who can provide you with the best marquee decoration tips.  
  • Choosing The Flowers And Decor

Unless you are a professional florist, don’t even try to choose flowers to decorate the venue or the bouquet. If you are willing to give the centrepieces a personal touch, discuss your requirements with the florist instead of including the colourful floating candles you bought from the local craft store. Moreover, it is advisable for couples to complete the shopping atleast a month before the wedding so that you don’t have much to worry about before your d-day. Flowers are one of the few things which lose their freshness with the passage of time.  
  • Hiring Bartenders And Servers

There are a few couples who prefer skipping the services offered by bartenders and servers just because they think that hiring them is too expensive. Though this is not completely wrong, you can discuss your budget with your wedding planner and they will help you hire professionals within your budget. The services offered by them will make your wedding look professionally planned. Though you can ask your friends to become the bartenders and waiters, you can’t assure that your d-day will run smoothly.

Since you are now aware of the few tasks when hiring professionals is a must, make sure you approach them instead of trying a DIY all the time.

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5 Decoration Tips to Enhance the Fun Features of Your Marquee Ceiling

With marquee party gradually gaining popularity, the focus of every party organiser is primarily on making your venue look unique. Though there are various ways to decorate the marquee without punching a hole in your pocket, it’s vital to determine which part of the structure you want to focus on. Though decorating the entrance gate is a cool idea as it will extend a very warm welcome to your guests, they will be spending a majority of their time inside the marquee and so transforming the interiors is indeed a cool idea. The easiest way to create a special atmosphere is by enhancing the beauty of the ceiling.

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Organising a Marquee Wedding in Berkshire is Now Quite Easy

A very common reason why couples all over Berkshire are opting for marquee weddings is because the structure is like a blank canvas which can be decorated according to your taste and preferences. You can hire a structure which suits your requirements as marquee weddings offer a lot of flexibility. You can be creative even when creating a simple theme. If you want to give a personal touch to your wedding venue, just hire a marquee and erect in your home garden. You will get a cosy environment and even save a few bucks.

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