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5 Advices to Plan a Perfect Marquee Wedding in Sussex

You probably heard about the term “Marquee wedding”, did you? Couples these days are willing to get marriage in a gorgeous and pocket-friendly manner. Getting marriage in a tent, to be precise, in a decorated tent is the trendiest fashion that comes at an affordable price.

Use marquee in your gorgeous Wedding party in Sussex

You too, are planning on getting marriage under a dazzling tent in Sussex? Wow!! It’s a wonderful wish indeed. Allow me giving some ideas of using tents for wedding party.

Follow the Style

Thinking about a rustic reception style? Why don’t you hire traditional giant tip is for the perfect rustic wedding? Also keep in mind that traditional tents are not appropriate for a lavish wedding. In case you need a customised tent.

Do you want a tent with doors and windows or completely open tent on one side? It’s the best-suited tent for the wedding that decreases the claustrophobics situations inside the porch.

Hire a big and luxurious marquee for the banquet hall or the wedding alter.

Be a Creative

Are you depending on the planning manager? Well, let me tell you the hush hush fact that the planner or the wedding manager helps you in bringing the stuffs and to decorate. Being creative is none of his/her business. Put your unique ideas in reality. Of you want to decorate the place with a particular colour tent. It is a great idea to hang some sweet and romantic message for your partner up the tent wall. Some event specialist marquee hire companies in Sussex help you to get customised tent for a creative wedding.

Concentrate on the Parking Place

Don’t forget to arrange a place for parking the cars of the guests at the backyard. Though there are ample place for parking if you choose Sussex, the queen of rustic, you have to keep in mind the security of the vehicles from rain and mist or the scorching sunrays. Hire Strong and durable tent to create the parking place. Make sure that the tent must be fireproof.

Tent for Toilet/ Generator.

With a large number of invitees, you need a neat and clean, organised mobile toilet. Don’t believe the porch company blindly. Check the availability of the number of the people while you choose the tent to create the portable toilet for the guest.

Some More Tips for Your Perfect Marquee Wedding:

  1. Try different style and pattern according to the location of the marriage.
  2. Customised tents are the best-fitted product for the ceremony but you have to put the order to the companies at least before 15 days of the ceremony.
  3. Tell your marquee hire company if you are want to decorate the banquet tent with candles and lanterns.
  4. Avoid using tents for setting up the kitchen or use fire and hear proof tent.

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