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Debunk The Common Myths Before Opting For Marquee Hire In Surrey


Hiring marquees has become quite common nowadays as anyone can transform the blank canvas into an elaborate and lavish event venue. Whether you are planning to host an extraordinary event or a simple family gathering, a marquee can be the ideal solution you need. If you are looking for a unique venue but have not yet hired a marquee because you think that they are suitable only for royal events, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There are a few more myths about marquee hire you need to debunk if you want to hire a tent at the most competitive prices and make the most out of the venue.

4 Common Myths About Marquee Hire In Surrey Have Been Debunked

  • “The Hiring Process Is Quite Complicated”

You might feel that hiring a marquee is quite complicated only if you don’t have prior experience in hiring one. The focus of almost every marquee supplier is on tailoring its interiors according to your requirements so you don’t have much to do while setting up the structure. The entire hiring process becomes a lot easier if you can approach the right marquee hire company. They will help you choose a suitable location and prepare the area to enhance the stability of the marquee when erected.  
  • “They Are Quite Expensive”

Start hunting for the perfect wedding venue and you will realise that a marquee is a lot more affordable than those banquets and clubs. The price your marquee supplier will ask for is entirely dependent on the number of guests you are planning to invite and your event requirements. On the other hand, people often have to end up booking an entire hall or building even though they are hosting a small event. Even if you need a gigantic and elaborate marquee, it does not necessarily mean that you have to punch a hole in your pocket.  
  • “They Are Suitable Only For Summer Events”

Though it’s true that hiring marquees in Surrey for your summer event will let you and your guests enjoy the bright weather outside, it does not necessarily mean you can’t hire them in the depths of winter. A majority of the structures provides adequate insulation and have advanced heating systems installed. Irrespective of the time of the year your music performance, wedding reception or corporate event has been scheduled, you can hire a marquee and enjoy the visual appeal of the weather outside.  
  • “It Should Be Installed In A Smooth And Grassy Surface”

Though it is always advisable to erect your marquee in a completely flat surface, they can also be erected in slightly sloppy surfaces with a few measurements. The best you can do is to approach a marquee supplier offering versatile tents as they can be erected anywhere and on any surface. You don’t need a smooth grass surface anymore as they can be set up even indoors nowadays.

Since the common myths about marquee hire have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a renowned marquee supplier offering affordable event venue.