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Marquee Hire Sussex

Hired Marquee In Sussex? 4 Latest Styling Tips for You

Though decorating a marquee is not as easy as it looks, there are a few styling tips that can enhance the beauty of your tent drastically. There are a few couples who think twice before using it as their wedding venue as they feel that it looks too blank, flat and empty. Though this is not entirely wrong, you can enhance its beauty within the shortest span of time. All you need to do is just lay the tables and put the flowers and other decorating elements in position. If you are willing to make the most out of your marquee, make sure you are aware of the latest styling tips.

Maximise the Impact of the Marquee Hired In Sussex with the Styling Tips Stated Below

  • Create Some Funky Floors

Whether you will get a floor with the marquee or not is entirely dependent on the structure you are hiring. You can definitely add texture to the marquee with a grass floor but remember to consider the time of the year before installing one. Adding a pop of colour with the right carpet can make the space look luxurious and warmer during the cooler months. You can also render the structure a dramatic look with black and white floors.  
  • Increase The Height

The height of the marquee you have hired is a vital thing to consider. Since a majority of them are quite high, you can create the illusion of a higher ceiling with the right table decorations. If you are planning to add some tall displays on the table, ensure that they are thin so that your guests can talk across it. Drawing their eyes upward will also become easier if you can add the right hanging decorations from the ceiling.  
  • Extend A Warm Welcome

Lighting flares near the entrance will render it a touch of warmth as your guests arrive or depart. If there is a distance between the car parking zone and the marquee, you can create pathways by lighting a few lanterns. If you are planning to hire a marquee in Sussex for your summer wedding, your guests can enjoy some fresh air if you add some soft lighting options outside the venue. The beauty outside can be enhanced further by putting a few tea lights in jam jars and hanging them from the trees.  
  • Add A Chill-Out Area

Including a dedicated chill-out area in the marquee will not offer your guests a space to relax but you can also customise it by putting your own stamp while decorating it. You can easily create a spectacular chill-out area by illuminating it with some tiny lights after placing contemporary chairs and sofas. If you want to render the space a vintage look but have a tight budget, visit the local auctions and opt for some mismatched furniture. These being said, it’s time you follow the styling tips stated above and enhancing the beauty of the marquee you have hired will become a lot easier.

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