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Hiring a Wedding Marquee? Tips to Create the Perfect Rustic Look

Tying the knot soon? Thinking of celebrating your new beginning in the essence of nature, within a magical setting? Adding some rustic style to your wedding marquee hire can be a great choice. Wondering how to add texture and style to your rustic wedding decor? Read on.

Whether you have always pictured a barn wedding venue or simply love the idea of getting married by the woodland, opting for rustic decor can make your wedding unforgettable. Although there are numerous wedding themes to choose from, opting for a rustic look can be your most viable option. From serving cocktails in mason jars to having lanterns here and there, rustic decorations can make your big day truly memorable.

Here’re a few ideas to help you with rustic wedding decorations!

5 Creative Ideas to Add a Rustic Look To Your Wedding Marquee Hire

  1. Select A Beautiful Venue

Get out of your city and choose a place closer to the mountains or forest. Beautiful rustic venues are all about embracing the unrivalled natural beauty of nature with a spectacular horizon to look at, the mesmerising sunset to admire and lush green trees around you. And, when you put up a big gala marquee, out in the open, it will definitely make for the perfect wedding venue.
  1. Create The Perfect Entrance

Wedding entrance decorations are important. Instead of the lit-up boards which read “Peter weds Laurie”, you can use simple little things which make for the perfect wedding entrance when put together. For example, an entrance made of flowers and sticks can be very simple yet beautiful. To add some effect after the sun goes down, consider installing low lights in shades which match with the colour of the theme.
  1. Get The Perfect Ceremony Backdrop

For the perfect rustic look, the ceremony backdrop must have a personalised dynamic setting which defines your love for each other. The backdrop should be a reflection of what you and your partner hold in your hearts. Envision this- four pillars adorned with vines of flowers and leaves, along with a pretty crystal chandelier hung in the centre. Sounds an absolutely picture perfect backdrop for your wedding, isn’t it?
  1. Choose The Right Colour Scheme

When opting for a Capri marquee hire for a rustic wedding, there are some colours which can work better than the others. If you are going for pastels, mint greens and salmon pinks can work perfectly well. You can even choose rust and copper colours. However, never be afraid to inject a pop of bright colour if you like. Remember; even one neutral colour can make a great impact.
  1. Opt For Colourful Table Wraps

Weddings are happy moments which celebrate the union two lives as one. These joyous moments are defined by colours which best represent your feelings. Consider breaking the monotony by adding bright colours like bright orange and soft pink to your venue. Ditching the traditional white can be a great way to have some fun on the most special day of your life.

Time to hire a marquee rental company and create the perfect rustic look for your wedding!

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