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How to Ensure Making Proper Use of Your Evening Party Marquee

As it comes to hiring a marquee, we mostly hire it for wedding. However, marquees can be hired for other purposes too! Let’s have a look at how the marquee hire in Sussex can be properly chosen and how to decorate it perfectly to make your evening party memorable.


When you hire a marquee you must take care of choosing the right furniture. And you can do this in the following ways.
  • Unlike marquees, furniture is often an expensive article to buy. So instead of buying furniture for the evening party, you hire.
  • For any formal evening party, having large round tables is a must to accommodate your guests. However, you may use a thoughtful combination of smaller tables in case of an informal occasion.
  • You can accommodate more number of guests in a marquee for an evening party than a wedding as a wedding often requires more space while you can successfully squeeze people up a bit at the parties.
  • Marquee is the best to allow more guests standing than being seated (usually about 1.5 times the number seated). However, you must arrange for some extra seats in the rows against the walls of the marquee while leaving the middle position clear for standing. You can also use the clear space as a dance floor, if needed.
Dance floor
  • Is the party mainly meant for dancing? If so, put the dance floor in the middle to make it the centre point of attraction. But if you want to consider this as an option, just put it at a side.
  • If the marquee covers part of the decking area or patio, you can use that as the dance floor.
  • Dance floors can be quite expensive. So instead of purchasing simply hire it and cut the cost.
Other considerations
  • Marquee hire in Sussex needs to be a bit thoughtful. Set your marquee up for a couple of days in advance and test the heating and lighting at of the time of the event to ensure that both are adequate.
  • The party attendees, especially the blokes are likely to congregate around the bar. Thus it is good to position it near evening entertainments just to avoid arranging two parties. Try to accommodate all the guests in a single place to maintain overall ambience and avoid putting the bar in a separate marquee.
  • Have the lighting on the dimmer as it gives you the freedom to supply enough lighting to eat by as well as mood lighting to dance by.
  • If you arrange the party between the months of October and April, it will be needed to heat the marquee. So have the heating system on for at least an hour before the guests reach the venue and ensure that they walk into a place of warmth.
  • Between the months of May and September, you would be required a heater to take the chill off in seating area, especially during the later part of the evening.
  • Take care of how the guests will come. Have a path of carpet bordered with flower pots by the edges to make an inviting and cordial entrance to the marquee venue.
  • Think about how the guests will leave. It is likely to be dark by that time. Therefore, have some sort of lighting to guide the guests back to their vehicles.
  • Allow a dedicated toilet per 40 to 50 attendees. If you can’t have enough available, consider hiring a luxury toilet unit.

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