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How to Make Use of the Space Available In Your Wedding Marquee?

Hiring wedding marquees makes it easy for you to remain creative with making the best use of the available space, irrespective of the venue. Marquee is all about a blank canvas that gives you the chance to fulfill your creative wish by adding your special touches.  There’s a saying that most people need just a little advice and inspiration to initiate. And the below-mentioned tips would help you decide on the most fruitful ways to make the most out of wedding marquee hire Berkshire.  
    • Create separate zones – One of the best benefits of using weeding marquee is they can be divided into a number of sections making things easy for the host to gather guests together for ceremony, dancing, dining and drinks. If you like to create a partition within marquee, just install dividing curtain; that’s a real simple and quick solution.
    • Areas to chill out – It is great to create a special chill out area where the guests can sit and chat in a relaxed mood and ambience. A less active, peaceful space is simply outstanding for the elderly guests as well as the family members. It is perfect for the friends to catch up as well to enjoy the occasion happily without being exhausted and overwhelmed with the crowd and noise of the party. With a wedding marquee hire Berkshire, you can create such additional space. All you need to have a little planning ensuring that the marquee is large enough to accommodate all the guests looking for a serene space for congregating.
    • Bars and extra tables – You may want to create a separate area for the bar. Decide whether you want to create it near the hubbub, close to the dance floor or off in a quiet area. With a large wedding marquee you can surely materialise your idea while creating individual spaces with additional tables for different activities like cutting cakes, opening gifts etc.
    • Let’s start partying –  This is up to you whether you want to arrange a DJ, live music concert or handling the music arena on your own with the help of speakers and music devices such as iPod. If you want to have your own band, you may need extra space right next to the dance floor where the musicians can set up. Providing the band with needed space will make it eminent. However, this might not be essential if you are on a tight budget.
  • Take care of styles for tables and chairs – There are a number of table styles available and you can choose any as per your need, choice and budget. Trestle tables are the best for making long rows for the banquet dining. Round tables are much popular as they make it easy and comfortable for the guests to chat more cozily and intimately. And while talking about chairs, there are a number of choices. From gilt banqueting chairs to wooden folding chairs – the choice is plenty.
These are the things that help you make use of the space available in a wedding marquee.

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