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Marquee hire in Kent

Learn What Size Of Marquee You Need To Hire

The easiest way to make your event great is by ditching the traditional venues and opting for something innovative like a marquee. They are basically blank canvas with plenty of decorative options to choose from according to your taste and preferences. Though there are numerous marquee suppliers scattered all over the UK, there are still a few people who have not approached one yet because they can’t determine the size of the structure they should hire.

Choosing a marquee of the right size for your event is more important than you think as they help in creating an atmosphere where your guests can feel comfortable irrespective of the event you are organising. If the one you have hired is too large, it will create an effect that many people were not invited. Similarly, if its size is smaller than you need, your guests might feel cramped. The best option is to approach an experienced marquee supplier as they know the points you need to consider when determining the size of the structure.

Vital Points To Consider When Choosing The Size Of The Marquee You Are Hiring

  • Number Of Guests

Everyone with prior experience in hiring marquee will agree with the fact that the biggest factor which will help you determine the size of the structure is the number of guests you are planning to invite to your event. You might require a more spacious accommodation if you are organising a dining reception and dancing. The usable space inside the tent might also be affected if you are willing to include a photo booth, chocolate fountain or bar.
  • Available Space

Even if you are willing to hire a very large structure so that you can invite the maximum number of guests, the space available is a prime thing to consider. You have to tailor the size of the tent in such a way so that it fits the ground if the space is limited. It is advised to visit the site atleast once with the marquee supplier and they will help you choose a structure of the right size.
  • Type Of Event

The style of the event is also a prime point to consider as it influences the space your guests might require. You will require a large marquee if you are planning a formal dining event where your guests will be sitting at large tables. On the other hand, a small tent will be sufficient if it is a standing event. If you can’t afford to hire a large marquee but willing to include food, just organise a simple buffet and add a few occasional tables.
  • Event Requirements

What you will need inside the marquee is generally dependent on the type of event you are organising. Determine whether you need extra space for the reception, entrance, bar, dance floor, band, cloakroom, catering or DJ. Though each event is unique and has personal event requirements, a lot of space will be required if you are planning to include one or all of the areas stated above.

These being said, it’s time you consider all the points stated above when choosing the size of the marquee you are hiring.

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