Marquee Accessories

Marquee Accessories to Hire in Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Whatever be the event, since all your friends and family will be gathering in the marquee hired from Main Event Marquees, hiring Marquee Accessories is a must to enhance its beauty quotient. These accessories can make your life moving moments more special. All the accessories provided by us are not only beautiful but also functional.

Few of Marquee Accessories

    • Chandelier: They are stylish, elegant and treated to be one of the most famous sources of lighting up your marquee. Choose from a wide range of chandelier available in brass, crystal, ivory, and silver.
    • Fairy Lights: Our fairy lights can be fitted anywhere. Simply tie them around the perimeter, use as a canopy over your dance floor, or lead them towards the chandelier. They work really well with uplights.
    • Uplights: Hire our uplights to create a warm ambiance inside your marquee as it starts getting dark. Generally, they are controlled by a dimmer and complement best with overhead lighting like chandelier or lanterns.
    • Festoon Lighting: Our Festoon lights are actually black cables having white light bulbs in the shape of tennis balls. Whether you are willing to use them inside your marquee or outside, they can serve both. Simply put them in a criss-cross manner inside your traditional marquee.
    • Mirror Ball To Hire: Hire a mirror ball from us and place it above your dance floor. Our mirrored disco ball is illuminated with a spotlight and rotates steadily. This shiny spherical object can reflect the spotlight in various directions.
    • Spot Lights: They are a contemporary option and can be used in various ways. Place them along the perimeter of your marquee and light up your bar. When suspended from the roof at an angle, they can illuminate the central table as well.
    • Globe Lights With Dimmer Switch: The globe lights offered by us are of the latest model and quite energy-efficient. Just light those up in the evening and make your party amazing. The dimmer switch helps you to adjust the brightness when required.
    • Disco Lighting: The disco lighting not only creates a disco effect but also moves according to the music played and projects various images on your dance floor. Simply place them on a lighting stand at a height.
  • Coconut Matting: Our coconut matting is a cost-effective flooring option and is crafted from 100% natural fibre. They are suited for all weather and environment-friendly. Being easy to maintain they are a wise option for marquee flooring.
We have few other marquee accessories as well, so feel free to call us at 01932 866515 for more information.