Marquee Hire FAQ

How much marquee hire cost?
It’s depends on the particular events. In general, the marquees hire prices starts from £250 per day.

What is the size of marquee?
The size are varies from 28’x38’, 20’x30’, 28’x28’ and 20’x20’.

What equipment provide by Main Event Marquees?
We provide various types of important equipment for any type of events. We offer wooden dance floor, white bistro chairs, round Table, uplights, fairy lights, matting and more. For more details feel free to contact us at 01932 866515.

What types of garden requirement we need to provide or it should be one level?
We have no basic garden requirement for installation. We can arrange marquee with different framework with different ground level.

Are your marquees for various events or occasion?
Yes. We provide marquee for wedding, party, corporate events and all occasions.

Are you providing insurance for marquee?
Yes. We are providing the insurance for marquees with 6% insurance charge from our marquee order form.

When you arrange to put up the marquee?
For any occasions we normally arrange or put up marquees few days before the events to make it proper.

How safe are your marquees?
All of our marquees are highly safe and secure with covering the insurance.

Where you provide the marquee hire services apart from Surrey?
Apart from Surrey, We are covering Kent, Sussex, Berkshire and other surrounding areas since 1994.