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Marquee Hire In Surrey For An Autumn Wedding? Here are 5 Useful Tips!

  Getting hitched this autumn? Are you on the lookout for venues which can truly stand out and make all the right difference to your big day? Hiring a beautiful wedding marquee can be an informed choice. Wondering how to plan the perfect marquee wedding at this time of the year? Well, all you need is some careful planning!  

Be it a marriage in the woods, a quiet ceremony or anything in between, finding the best wedding venue is important. This is because, once you finalise the venue, the space will dictate pretty much everything about your d-day. And, opting for wedding marquee hire in Surrey can be the ideal way to create intimate and cosy hideaways for keeping you and your guests snug on autumn evenings.  

Below are a few key considerations you must keep in mind when renting a marquee for your September wedding!

Marquee Hire in Surrey: Factors to Keep in Mind When Planning an Autumn Wedding

  1. Think About The Site
When planning about the place where you should site your marquee, you must consider the marquee team, the suppliers who will access the site and where your guests will park. Try to keep the parking area close to the tent so that your guests do not get soggy feet while reaching the venue after parking their cars. You can even think about having walkway matting from the parking area.
  1. Consider The Space
Think about the way you will be utilising the space inside your marquee. While many couples choose to host their drinks reception outdoors and have an outdoor chill-out seating, you will likely want everyone to be together under the cover of your cosy marquee during this time. Clear roofs are a great way of bringing the outdoors in without having to brave the elements.
  1. Pick The Right Style
Marquees are the natural choice for an autumn wedding since they offer great versatility, helping you create the perfect venue. With a plethora of options like starlight ceilings, chill out areas, entrance tents and clear roofs, you can decorate the marquee just the way you want. Moreover, regardless of what your theme is, you can easily create your dream venue with a marquee.
  1. Ensure About Heating
Look for a marquee rental company which specialises in offering a wide range of heaters in numerous sizes. The specialists should even be able to advice as to what you will require in your marquee. This way, you can stay assured that the guests will have the utmost comfort throughout your event.
  1. Experiment With Lighting
Darker evenings are indeed a great opportunity to make the most of lighting. Use a variety of lights for creating an intimate ambience inside your marquee. This way, you can even light up the key features outside your marquee. Choose from a wide range of options like LED lights, chandeliers, fairy lights, uplighters, festoon lights, spot lights and paper lanterns to keep your wedding party dazzling well. It’s time to hire a stunning wedding marquee and create the memories for a lifetime on your big day!