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Marquee Hire Berkshire

Organising a Marquee Wedding in Berkshire is Now Quite Easy

A very common reason why couples all over Berkshire are opting for marquee weddings is because the structure is like a blank canvas which can be decorated according to your taste and preferences. You can hire a structure which suits your requirements as marquee weddings offer a lot of flexibility. You can be creative even when creating a simple theme. If you want to give a personal touch to your wedding venue, just hire a marquee and erect in your home garden. You will get a cosy environment and even save a few bucks.

4 Points to Consider When Organising a Marquee Wedding at Your Home

  • Type Of Marquee

Which type of marquee will suit your d-day the best is completely dependent on the style of wedding you are willing to create and the number of guests you are planning to invite. A traditional tied marquee will work the best for a garden based reception. A frame marquee will be necessary if you are planning to install it on the hard ground of your courtyard. Whichever style you opt for, be creative with the decor and enhancing its visual appeal will become easier.  
  • Time And Date

Since the weather in Berkshire is quite unpredictable, staying prepared for the rain is advisable irrespective of the time of the year your wedding has been scheduled. If you are planning to lay wooden floors in the venue, prevent them from getting wet if you don’t want the heels of your female guests to sink into the ground. If you are planning a reception party in the evening, hiring in a heater (especially during the cool winter months) is a must.  
  • Approach The Right Professionals

Not only should you approach a renowned company offering marquee hire at affordable prices but also call professional wedding planners instead of trying a DIY. They try their level best to make everything stress-free for you. There are many things you need to consider when organising a marquee wedding and this is why trying a DIY just to save a few bucks is not a wise thing to do. Not only will they decorate the marquee according to a theme of your choice but also manage every operation to transform the blank canvas into a wedding venue of your dream.  
  • Bathroom Facility And Electricity

Don’t ignore the essentials you need when organising a marquee wedding at home just because you are concerned about its glamorous side. As far as the bathroom facilities are concerned, look for a company offering portable toilets on hire and place it at a walkable distance from the venue. The electricity is also a prime thing to consider so have a talk with your marquee supplier and they will let you know the mains and generator issues which might arise on your d-day. They might even share with you a few unique plans with the lighting.

Since you are now aware of a few points you need to consider when organising a marquee wedding at your home, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company in Berkshire offering the structure at a price which suits your budget.

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