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Planning a Summer Marquee Wedding? Tips To Host the Perfect Event

With summer being a popular time for weddings, are you planning to get hitched during this time of the year? Are you on the lookout for venues which give you a lot of flexibility in where and how you want your reception to be? Hiring a marquee can be the key to a spectacular summer wedding.

Marquees are becoming increasingly popular as a wedding venue, particularly during the summer months. Whether you are having a destination wedding or one in your lawn, marquees can elevate your event in numerous ways. They are widely known for offering a versatile space, allowing couples to create venues which match their personalities and style. Moreover, when you opt for marquee hire, you can easily choose from a huge array of sizes, shapes, prices and specifications.

Wondering about the ways to plan the perfect marquee wedding? Read on.

Marquee Hire in Surrey: 5 Factors to Take into Consideration When Planning a Summer Wedding

  1. Determine Your Style

The foremost aspect you must bear in mind is to think about the reception style which you desire since this will affect the kind of marquee which you could hire. You should also think about the site where you are organising the reception since not all marquees go on all kinds of venues. Think if you prefer square tables, round table or those long banqueting tables.
  1. Think About The Design

This is another vital factor you must keep in mind when planning a marquee event. Since the last few years, the trend for wedding marquee has been conventional styles with no opened sides, lining and unclothed trestle tables. However, with more and more people opting for more elegant designs, you can choose a design which best suits you.
  1. Let Lighting Be The Key

No matter whether you want mood-enhancing lights or practical lighting, good lighting can be the key to a memorable event. Look for a marquee rental company which specialises in offering lights as per the requirements of customers. Be it lighting up the pathways to key areas at nights or putting lights outside your venue, a marquee company can make all the difference to your event by using attractive lights.
  1. Use The Ceiling

Another great beauty of marquees is that you will have so much height to play with. Bunting and hanging lanterns are gradually making way for chandeliers, hanging crystals and origami birds. If you want a more intimate feel in your marquee, consider draping. When done well, this helps in reducing the ceiling height and creating dramatic entrances.
  1. Check Accessibility

When hiring suppliers and vendors who will arrive in larger vehicles, it’s important to think about the access available to them. If the access is narrow and the deliveries need to be scheduled in, ensure the suppliers know the time slot when they can deliver. Other than measuring the width of vehicles, you should even think about the swing needed.  This is especially true for generators and mobile toilets.

Now that you are aware of the key considerations, what are you still thinking of? It’s time to plan a spectacular summer marquee wedding!

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