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Planning a Winter Marquee Event? Tips To Add Warmth to Your Party

Now that winter is here, are you planning to hire a party marquee for a special occasion? Be it a winter wedding, a Christmas party or a corporate event, hiring a beautiful marquee can indeed be the key to organise a distinctive event. But, are you perplexed about the ways to cold weather outside? No worries! All you need to do is add some warmth to your event. Marquees are the perfect solution to every event which needs a unique attraction for encouraging guest appearance. Whether you are planning to organise a wedding reception, a backyard party or an exhibition, opting for marquee hire in Kent can be your best solution. And, with so many choices of structures and interior design, events held in marquees can provide the ideal opportunity to host memorable parties all throughout the year. But, how do you keep those cold shivers at bay? Here’s everything you need to know about organising a warm marquee event in winter!

Marquee Hire In Kent: 5 Tips To Add Warmth To Your Winter Event 

  1. Heaters
Just like you would heat up any indoor area, place a few heaters around the marquee at suitable points and feed warmth into the space. Make sure you put one at the entrance for your guests to be greeted with a pleasant rush of warmth. This way; you can ensure that your guests are toasty enough to take off their coats the moment they reach your venue.
  1. Colours
Use of warm colours can help you make the venue feel very cosy. While it’s true that this won’t make any difference to the actual temperature, it will surely make a difference to your guests’ state of mind. For example, a wedding marquee decorated with burgundy and deep ambient colours can certainly detract the bitter cold weather outside.
  1. Lighting
Just imagine walking into a room filled with blue lighting from the icy weather outside. In all probability, this will make you shiver even by just looking at it. So, if you are trying to get away from the chill outside, make sure you do not use cold coloured lights. Instead, opt for warm colourful up-lighters like oranges and auburns. For a trendy effect, consider lining the roof with super-stylish festoons.
  1. Exterior
Even before your guests walk through the door, ensure they are immediately hit with a feeling of the warmth which they will be experiencing inside the marquee. For example, you can add some fiery flambé to either side of your venue’s entrance since they make for a dramatic entrance and even give off heat.
  1. Winter Accessories
Winter is the season of festivals. And, to give your guests a celebratory winter feeling, consider focusing on the finer details of the marquee which reflect the season. You can accessorise your marquee with beautiful candles as its little burning flame can give off a gorgeous golden glow. Also, you can add rich greens and seasonal foliage to bring in outdoors without the harsh coldness. With these useful tips at your finger-tips, what are you still thinking of? It’s time you start planning a memorable winter marquee event!

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