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Seeking Halloween Marquee Hire? Top Tips To Host A Great House Party

Do you wish to throw a spooky house party this Halloween? Well, a great party has it all – beautiful decor, great costumes, amazing food and adequate scary things to keep you pleased until next year. Wondering how to plan a memorable Halloween party for your friends and family? Read on.

Halloween is one of those holidays which people look forward to the most. From the candy and costumes to everything that’s trick-or-treating – what’s there not to love? Not only does the festival revolve around the world of fantasies and make-believe, but also gives you the chance to pretend to be something or someone else. And, hiring marquee in Kent forms to be the ideal choice for these parties since they act as a blank canvas and can even be decorated in numerous ways. Below are a few tips to make your Halloween a better and remarkable experience!

Marquee Hire In Kent: 5 Tips To Guarantee Your Halloween Party Is A Great Success

  1. Get Creative With The Decor
Consider making your own decorations by using unwanted items or fabrics from your house. You can hang anything you want from the frames to create an eerie and spooky ambience. From murder mystery to a zombie theme, the decoration possibilities are indeed endless. Remember; fake spiders and webs combined with carved pumpkins are a must for every Halloween party.
  1. Make The Most Of The Venue
Party marquees are the best solution to hosting a fantastic Halloween party where you can have great fun with lots of guests without making your house a mess. And, with the UK weather getting colder gradually, ensure you remember that heating may be required. Regardless of the theme you choose for the party, be assured that a marquee will serve as the personalised venue for your upcoming party.
  1. Consider Festive Food & Drinks
What’s a Halloween party without a full punch bowl for your invitees to guzzle down? Well, the punch doesn’t have to be alcoholic and can even be enjoyed by children. When it comes to planning the menu, the aim should be to make it look as disgusting as possible and yet taste delicious. And, the ideal way to achieve this is to mix everything in one instead of cooking separately.
  1. Play Fun Games
We never get too old to play cool Halloween games and enjoy them. So, why not organise your own ‘trick or treat’ indoors at your party? For example, apple bobbing is a great game for all games and is very easy to set up. All you need is a big bucket/bowl, towels and apples for drying off. Or, you can even create dead man’s last meal on your own. Simply blind fold your invitees, make them eat different jelly and ask them to guess the flavour. Each of the ideas mentioned above sounds exciting, isn’t it? So what are you still here for? Put on some groovy music, make your own playlist and throw the ultimate spooky party. Happy Halloween!

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