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Selecting The Best Area To Erect Your Marquee In Sussex Is Now Easy


One of the primary reasons why the number of people hiring marquee has enhanced in the last few years is because you can erect them in any area of your choice. Even if you can’t find a suitable wedding venue in your favourite location, just hire a marquee and transform the blank canvas into your dream venue.


Since marquees offer much flexibility as far as locations are concerned, you can choose one which can become a reflection of your personality and let you click some picture-perfect wedding photographs. Just ensure that the location or area where you are planning to erect the tent is suitable.


4 Points To Consider When Selecting An Area To Erect The Marquee Hired In Sussex

  • Access To Electricity

Unless you want your guests to enjoy your d-day in complete darkness, ensure that the area has good access to electricity. Power is necessary for various reasons in your wedding venue, with lighting and heating topping the list. So, don’t forget to obtain a quote for the electricity access if you are planning to erect the structure at a remote location and have to fetch electricity from another source. If no source is available nearby, hiring a generator is also a wise thing to do.

  • Toilets

Keeping an adequate sanitation facility in your wedding venue is a must so that guests willing to use the bathroom facility can do so with ease. If there is no toilet nearby, hire some portable toilets to ensure your guests’ comfort. You can also ask the marquee supplier whether they can make arrangements for some luxury loos for you comprising of full-length mirrors, hot running water and other useful features.

  • Entry Of Guests

If you have finalised a wedding venue where your guests have to walk across a muddy grass to reach the marquee, you should either start looking for another location to erect the marquee you have hired in Sussex or forewarn your guests not to come in heeled footwear. This is because the weather of the UK is indeed quite unpredictable. You should also keep a backup plan ready in case of an emergency like a walkway for pedestrians and temporary track way for vehicles.

  • Ground

Since a majority of the marquees offered on hire have solid flooring which is laid inside the venue, there are not many restrictions as far as the surface or ground on which it will be erected is concerned. Though a flat ground is given more preference like a stone courtyard or a grassy field, steep or uneven slopes can also be adjusted to some extent. If you are not sure where the ground is safe and suitable to erect the structure, have a talk with the marquee supplier.

Since you are now aware of the points you need to consider when choosing a location to erect the marquee, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company offering it on hire at affordable prices.