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Some Amazing Ways to Enhance the Style Impact of a Marquee Wedding

Every wedding venue is unique and you will find a plethora of companies offering their service whilst looking for marquee hire for wedding. When it comes to wedding marquee decoration, it is quite challenging. Marquees look a bit flat and empty until they are decorated properly; the flowers and other props are positioned, tables and chairs are laid and guests come in their finery. And here are some incredible styling tips to make your marquee venue a stunning one.
  • Create additional height – Marquees are high in altitude. So decorate the tables properly to create an illusion of lower ceiling. Combine both low and high arrangements to make it interesting while keeping the taller displays slender so the guests can talk across the tables. You can also consider decorations hanging from the ceiling to make the eyes drawn upwards. For summer celebration, you can think about floral decorations as well.
  • Jazzy floor – Not all marquees come with floors. For summer months, a grass floor is ideal to add texture while carpet floors can add colour and make the space feel warm during winter months. You may think about black and white floors for giving the space a dramatic look.
  • Cozy welcome – Use of lighting flares outside the entry gate can create a warm feeling while the guests depart. Lighting fittings like lanterns are great to create the pathways from the marquee to other corners of the venue as well as parking lot. You can use tea lights placed in jam jars hanging from the tree branches ensuring a special gentle lighting outside for the attendees while enjoying fresh air and openness of the place. Executives from Kent can give you some more ideas.
  • Bar décor – You can customise the bar area inside the marquee on your own. Use wedding colours and write your names and wedding date on the bar to make it more personal. Serving signature cocktails may be another good way to add personalised look to the entire bar decoration.
  • Glittery twinkle – As it comes to a marquee wedding, lighting surely plays one of the most important roles. Though most marquees come with uplighters, it needs to add own lighting to create desired ambience. You can use fairy lights over the dance area. Or, you can add them to the entire ceiling to create a delicate twinkling and a romantic effect indeed.
  • Nice backdrops – Why don’t you bring in a band to perform music to make your wedding a bit more special, if your budget permits? And in that case, you should think about using different types of backdrop. Fairy lights hanging vertically down along the walls are a common choice. But if it is a rustic wedding, a quirky backdrop of driftwood as well as different up-cycled items interlaced with fairy lights can be a stunning option.
  • Chill-out corners – Adding a chill-out area to the marquee can be a great idea to allow the guests to relax. Moreover, this is the place where you can display your unique stamp on styling. Use of chairs and sofas illuminated with twinkling tiny lights can make the space really spectacular. To add a traditional vintage look, hire a few chairs and sofas from local auction store or you can buy some. Don’t worry; you can sell them easily after the wedding is over.

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