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Some Really Cool Tips To Light Up Your Wedding Marquee In Kent

If you are organizing a wedding party, there are numerous lighting tips to choose from. Ensure that the one you are opting for suits the type of marquee you are hiring and matches your wedding theme.

Planning A Marquee Hire In Kent For Your Wedding? Top 5 Lighting Options For You

  • Use Clear Or White Cables
Using white or clear cables for wedding lights is highly advisable as they can blend very easily with the fabric of the tent when compared with those green or black ones. The white cables in the white tent will give the venue a fairy-tale setting and it won’t look like some construction site. This is why the colour of the electrical cables is a vital point to consider.  
  • Include LEDs
There are various reasons why the traditional filament bulbs are not given much preference nowadays. They become hot very easily and can even burn down the tent. The best alternative is to use LEDs. Not only are they safe for the tent fabrics as they are cool to touch even after hours but also a lot cheaper than those filament bulbs.  
  • Check The Plugs
Though it is the entire responsibility of the supplier to erect the marquee in your location and install the lighting, ensure that you have adequate knowledge about the plugs. Knowing the power source to the lights is always advisable so that you can manage the situation for the time being if the lights stop working suddenly. Ask the installer to use some extension cables if necessary as it helps in enhancing the safety of the venue.  
  • The Bulb Colour
If you want to illuminate your wedding venue with the traditional and warm glow, just opt for a marquee hire in this wedding season and install some warm white bulbs. They are suitable for various themed events as they are not excessive bright. If you want a colourful venue and think that the white lights will become a bit dull, erect a tent with plain fabrics and put some bulbs with bright colour accents.  
  • Include Connectable Lights
The connectable lights are almost like a blessing for those who want to stay away from those tangled cables and also save money. Though you can also opt for the traditional fairy lights, they are a bit expensive. The connectable lights are gradually gaining popularity as you just need to chain them together and the space will light exactly the way you want. Follow the lighting tips stated above and transforming your vision of a beautiful wedding venue into reality will become easier.

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