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Opting For Wedding Marquee Hire in Surrey? Checkout the Advantages!

Are you getting married this wedding season? Looking for venues which can help you make the day more memorable? Trust us, opting for a marquee wedding can be your wisest decision then!

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Making their envisioned dream wedding come true is every individual’s wish. With good marquee rental companies by your side, be assured of turning your vision into reality. After listening to your desires and ideas, these professionals leave no stone unturned in designing a glamorous marquee for your big day. What makes these Capri-tents your best choice is that you can get creative with them just the way you want!

Still wondering what makes these marquees so beneficial? Then take a look below to get your answers!

5 Advantages of Choosing Wedding Marquee Hire in Surrey

  1. Ability to select your venue: All that you need is some space to erect your marquee! Be it your lawn, a nearby park, a coastal area or any other location; you can get married wherever you want. Thus, you are free from the limitation of choosing traditional venues like hotels and marriage halls.
  2. Flexibility and customisation: One of the greatest benefits you can avail from wedding marquee hire in Surrey is the flexibility it offers. While planning your event, you have the flexibility of size, layout and design. No matter whether you have 500 or 700 guests, you can customise your tent accordingly.
  3. Your own blank canvas: Marquees have always been popular among clients willing to portray their tastes and preferences through their venue. These Capri-tents act as your blank canvas as you can choose your own theme, colours and styles. From lighting, furniture to floorings, venue carpets and an array of various linings, you can get creative anyway you want!
  4. Pick your own caterer: Unlike those traditional venues, where you are bound to use their own caterer, you can be free from such limitations in marquee weddings. Be it a casual buffet or a fancy sit-down meal, you can choose your own caterer as per your preference.
  5. Allows you to work within your budget: No matter whether you have a limited budget or not, this can be the ideal way to work within your affordability. Since you have the flexibility to choose your own location, caterer, florist, you can pick suppliers as per your budget.
So what are you still waiting for? Find reputed wedding marquee specialists and start planning for your D-day!

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Your Ultimate Checklist for Wedding Marquee Hire in Berkshire

about marquee hireAre you a soon to be married couple? You must be busy with your preparations then! But, what are your plans about the wedding venue? Are you losing your nerves while planning about the ideal wedding location? Relax. All you need to do is hire a reliable wedding marquee.

Whether you wish to have a contemporary ultra-modern wedding, a theme wedding or a classic garden party; hiring a marquee can be your wisest decision. It allows you to plan and decorate your wedding just like a blank canvas. Marquee weddings are always personal and can turn any backdrop into a beautiful setting. However, these require a lot of planning since you have to build it right from the scratch.

Keep reading to know about the pointers which you need to keep in mind while planning for a marquee wedding!

Wedding Marquee Hire in Berkshire: Note the Checklist for a Smooth Event

  1. Kitchen space for Food and Beverage Service: The first and foremost thing that needs your consideration is the food and beverage service you will be providing. Do you want to have buffet service or serve full-plated meals? Plan if you wish to have an open or cash bar. Some other considerations include-
    • A counter space for your bartender to pour and serve.
    • Hiring glassware, plates and other necessary items.
  2. Weather Contingencies: Marquees protect your weddings from adverse weather conditions like sunshine and rain. In case you plan to host some occasions outside the marquee, plan how you want to stage the entire event by hiring small marquees or easy-to-erect tents.
  3. Decor and Furnishings: Furnishings and decor form to be an integral aspect of any wedding and thus, you need to focus on these too. Decide on the wedding traditions you wish to uphold and hire the required furnishings. You need to plan about the decorative items like flowers, lighting, candles; which will enhance the beauty of your wedding.
  4. Seating Requirements: While planning about wedding marquee hire in Berkshire, the seating arrangements of the event play an important role. In case of a plated meal, you need to have tables and chairs which provide enough space for your guests to dine at ease. For buffet meals, you can do with fewer tables and chairs.

    More Factors to Consider In a Marquee Wedding

  5. Storage and Backstage areas: Where will you hide the things which occur behind the scenes in an open space? Think where you will keep your store packaging and materials, place lighting and sound boards. Use marquees accordingly!
  6. Space for Performance: Talk to your musicians and DJ from before and decide about the space they need for performance. Before hiring a stage, check with your marquee provider about the space left after setting the seating arrangements.
  7. Toilet Facilities: Since allowing guests to use your private toilet is not possible at all times, it is best to have portable toilets for their convenience. You can choose these as per your preferred style and decor.
  8. Pathways and Parking: Decide on the areas where your guests can park their vehicles. No matter if it’s a dry weather or a rainy one, think about their journeys from the parking spot to your marquee.

So what are you still waiting for? Contact a reliable wedding marquee supplier in Berkshire and follow the checklist above. Happy planning!

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Top Reasons to Hire a Party Marquee in Berkshire for Your Wedding

about marquee hire

Are you planning to hire a marquee for your wedding? Nothing can be a better decision if you are willing to have a blank canvas which you can decorate according to your taste and preferences. Though there are few traditional venues you can opt for, none provide the space offered by a marquee.

It offers you the perfect atmosphere to host your wedding party. Just have a look at your guest list and order a structure which you believe will fit the best. There are numerous reasons for which residents of Berkshire feel that hiring a party marquee for your wedding is indeed a wise decision. Few of those are stated below.

  • Venue With Facilities
  • Since the structure offers ample space, you will be having plenty of options as well. Some of the structures are treated to be the ideal venue to host your wedding reception since they come with other facilities which you will be requiring to complete your venue. A majority of the suppliers shoulder the responsibility of providing the furniture, decoration, and accessories required.
  • Select Your Own Theme
  • Not only can you select from a wide variety of marquees but even decorate it according to your wedding theme. Create the ideal space which you think will suit your idea of D-day the best. Some suppliers even offer you the opportunity to be a part of the designing process so choose a layout which will make the best of your location.
  • Bring The Outdoor In
  • Hiring the structure will enable you and your guests to be at a touching distance with your surroundings. If your wedding has been scheduled for the daytime, make sure you make the most of the lovely view outside. Some of the structure is supplied with clear door, walls, and roofs so that you can have a view of the fantabulous look outside.
  • No Restriction On Your Guest List
  • Before you visit a supplier for party marquee hire in Berkshire, calculate your total number of guests. Though having numerous guests is actually not a restriction but staying aware of your guest list will definitely help you in hiring the right size structure where you can accommodate everyone with ease. It is advisable to keep some space aside to craft a dance floor for your guests.
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Whatever be your budget, the flexibility offered by a wedding marquee is the best as compared to other traditional venues. Since you will be choosing your own structure, décor, caterer, menu, florist, and bar, you can take the aid of suppliers willing to work with a low or generous budget. You can even undertake the responsibility of decorating your own marquee, thus helping you save few more bucks.

Since a wedding marquee has so much to offer, it’s time to break the norm of traditional wedding venues and hire a party marquee for your D-day!

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5 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee Hired In Kent


If you are willing your wedding venue to be a blank canvas which you can decorate according to your own taste and preferences, then hiring a marquee is the ideal thing to do. With a large variety of the structure available all over Kent, customers have the option to choose one that suits their requirement the best. Whether you have a long list of guests or planning for just a small reception party, there are marquees of various sizes to serve all your purposes. Hire one and enjoy creative control over your wedding venue. Stay assured that the decorative elements won’t be clashing with the design you have planned.

Few Cool Tips To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee in Kent

  • Create Entrance That Extends A Warm Welcome: Place a colourful matting or rug to make your entrance point more distinct. Display large floral on the entrance in such a way that it adds the drama quotient in your doorway. Use some clear signposts for your guests stating the direction they need to travel or gift collection point. Opt for a wooden door if you want to enhance the warmth offered by the space.
  • Choose A Floor Matching Your Theme: If you are planning for a rustic themed marriage, opt for coir matting. It not only makes you feel relaxed but also helps in covering all the flaws in the ground. For those willing to have a more refined look, carpet your wooden flooring to make them more aesthetic. The most cost-effective option is to go for event flooring which helps to level the contours in your ground.
  • Opt For Lining And Not Pleats: Be wise and opt for flat lining instead of standard pleats as the former offer a sleeker and cleaner look. You can also opt for some coloured or patterned lining if you want to add that wow-factor in the structure hired. Doing so will surely help in enhancing the interest quotient of the space and you will be requiring few decorations or floral.
  • Create A Wow-Factor With Your Ceiling: Since you are opting for Wedding Marquee Hire in Kent, take the advantage of high ceiling which gives you the opportunity to use it for hanging purpose. Hang some handmade bunting having ends dipped in neon as it can break the whiteness of the structure. You can even hang some appealing floral and foliage that adds a touch of aesthetic. Talk with a florist and check all the decorative options.
  • Offer The Best Furniture To Your Guests: Choose the furniture for your marquee wisely if you want to soften the available space. Avoid chair covers if you don’t want to make your blank canvas ugly. Consider whether you want to gift it a modern setting or a rustic one before choosing the ideal furniture and decorating their backs with colourful ribbons.

The decorative tips stated above are just a few of the ways in which you can decorate the marquee hired. Don’t hesitate to try out something entirely new or unique!

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5 Advices to Plan a Perfect Marquee Wedding in Sussex

You probably heard about the term “Marquee wedding”, did you? Couples these days are willing to get marriage in a gorgeous and pocket-friendly manner. Getting marriage in a tent, to be precise, in a decorated tent is the trendiest fashion that comes at an affordable price.

Use marquee in your gorgeous Wedding party in Sussex

You too, are planning on getting marriage under a dazzling tent in Sussex? Wow!! It’s a wonderful wish indeed. Allow me giving some ideas of using tents for wedding party.

Follow the Style

Thinking about a rustic reception style? Why don’t you hire traditional giant tip is for the perfect rustic wedding? Also keep in mind that traditional tents are not appropriate for a lavish wedding. In case you need a customised tent.

Do you want a tent with doors and windows or completely open tent on one side? It’s the best-suited tent for the wedding that decreases the claustrophobics situations inside the porch.

Hire a big and luxurious marquee for the banquet hall or the wedding alter.

Be a Creative

Are you depending on the planning manager? Well, let me tell you the hush hush fact that the planner or the wedding manager helps you in bringing the stuffs and to decorate. Being creative is none of his/her business. Put your unique ideas in reality. Of you want to decorate the place with a particular colour tent. It is a great idea to hang some sweet and romantic message for your partner up the tent wall. Some event specialist marquee hire companies in Sussex help you to get customised tent for a creative wedding.

Concentrate on the Parking Place

Don’t forget to arrange a place for parking the cars of the guests at the backyard. Though there are ample place for parking if you choose Sussex, the queen of rustic, you have to keep in mind the security of the vehicles from rain and mist or the scorching sunrays. Hire Strong and durable tent to create the parking place. Make sure that the tent must be fireproof.

Tent for Toilet/ Generator.

With a large number of invitees, you need a neat and clean, organised mobile toilet. Don’t believe the porch company blindly. Check the availability of the number of the people while you choose the tent to create the portable toilet for the guest.

Some More Tips for Your Perfect Marquee Wedding:

  1. Try different style and pattern according to the location of the marriage.
  2. Customised tents are the best-fitted product for the ceremony but you have to put the order to the companies at least before 15 days of the ceremony.
  3. Tell your marquee hire company if you are want to decorate the banquet tent with candles and lanterns.
  4. Avoid using tents for setting up the kitchen or use fire and hear proof tent.

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