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Things to Consider While Hiring a Marquee for Your Event

At theme-based event, it is really difficult to select the right marquee for your event. However, there is no dearth of hire marquee in Kent options to choose from. As it comes to hiring a marquee, there are some considerations to take care of. You perhaps already know what type of marquee would suit your occasion – be it wedding or any formal event you are going to host. So, ensure from the beginning, everything is done properly and you leave no room for regrets or complaints later. Here are the things that you can use to make the right hiring decision.  
  • Nature of the surface – The surface can be either a hard one or an unstable ground like grass. In respect of ease and cost-effectiveness, it would be good to choose the grass surface. Choose a marquee that can work on grass while saving you the hassle of setting down perfect flooring for the occasion.
  • Event type – It is important to consider the type of event you are going to host. Maybe it is a festival, wedding, birthday party or an office event. While hiring the marquee, specify your needs so the marquee contractor can provide you with everything you may need to arrange the event. Now, ask for a quotation based on your requirements. Please note that the quote must include everything you want.
  • Access to the site – Be aware of the location of the event. It can make your marquee hire decision altered. If there is any restriction related to the venue, let the contractor know about that so they can arrange accordingly. When it is opened, if they charge on daily basis or if the site is owned by yourself – let them know the conditions.
  • Size of the surface – This is important to take care of the surface size to help you decide on the size of the marquee. So provide the contractor with the dimensions of the site surface.
  • Accessibility to the venue – It is required for the contractors to know whether or not they can access the site with their delivery vans. The distance between parking place of the vehicles and the place where the marquee is going to be erected is an important specification to add. Depending of these specifications, they can suggest how long it will take to set up the marquee.
  • Number of attendees – To recommend the perfect marquee size for your occasion, it is needed to have a gross idea of the number of guests you are expecting to join the event. The number of guests including the number of standing and sitting guests would help your marquee service provider to arrange the event properly.
  • Layout of the land – Mention if the surface is uneven, slope or undulating. This is essential as this could affect the tables, chairs and even the dance floor. Flat land is always good. However, any reputed marquee contractor is able to deal with other types of terrain as well.
  • Power source – You should be mentioned how much power may be needed to conduct the party. Things that need power are DJ/Band, lighting, public address system and catering. They should be considered. Don’t leave any item out. Also inform them whether you have the mains power or need a generator for the party.
  • Extras – If you have any special ideas like a bar, a chill-out area, a DJ/Band or a catering tent, let the service provider know them beforehand.
A reputed and reliable marquee service goes literally extra miles to keep you equipped with everything you would require to make the event a grand success. And this is only possible if you work together with the right marquee company on your dream day.  

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