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Tips to Promote Your Business Easily With Marquee Hire In Berkshire

Though there are numerous venues where you can organise your corporate event, the focus of every business owner is always on choosing one which will help you to stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to hire one which can make your event the talk of the town afterward. It is more like a portable corporate venue which can help you maximise your return on investment. If you are also planning to hire a marquee to organise your event, there are a few tips you can follow and connecting with your new customers will become easier for you.  

Hiring Marquee in Berkshire for Your Corporate Event? 4 Tips You Can Follow

  • Use Every Side Of The Marquee As An Advertising Billboard

The easiest way to enhance the popularity of your company’s brand and your products is by organising your corporate event in a marquee. You can use it as a tool to showcase your products. The first thing you need to do is to approach a reliable company offering marquee on hire in Berkshire and treat the sides of the tent as advertising billboards. This will encourage potential customers to visit your event. Convey the right information about your products like their features and benefits and include some appealing images.  
  • Put Your Logo On The Roof When Possible

Though the marquee itself is a blank canvas which you can easily use to promote your business by placing the logo anywhere, placing it on the roof is always advisable. One of the main reasons why placing it on the exterior part is beneficial is because people often pose outside the venue to get their photos clicked. Your company’s logo is an integral part of your branding and so you should try to place it in some prime position. Check whether people can notice it from the other side of the event and choose a vibrant roof design.  
  • Place Different Sales Message

A majority of the marquees you can hire in Berkshire have a flexible structure and their sides are removable. You can take advantage of this by customising the signage and placing different sales message on each side. This will help you target different customer groups. Just make sure that the tent you are hiring offers a high SPF as these corporate events are generally organised in the afternoon. The material should also be suitable for printing purposes.  
  • Choose A Suitable Table Cover

Not everyone hiring a marquee for their corporate event is aware of the importance of a branded table cover. Though printing one won’t cost much, they can help a great deal in maximising the impact of your corporate event. It is not only about the table but you can also place the cover at the front of your tent to display some marketing material or product.

Follow the tips stated above when hiring a marquee for your corporate event and you can stay assured of making a wise investment.

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