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Your Ultimate Checklist for Wedding Marquee Hire in Berkshire

Are you a soon to be married couple? You must be busy with your preparations then! But, what are your plans about the wedding venue? Are you losing your nerves while planning about the ideal wedding location? Relax. All you need to do is hire a reliable wedding marquee. Whether you wish to have a contemporary ultra-modern wedding, a theme wedding or a classic garden party; hiring a marquee can be your wisest decision. It allows you to plan and decorate your wedding just like a blank canvas. Marquee weddings are always personal and can turn any backdrop into a beautiful setting. However, these require a lot of planning since you have to build it right from the scratch.

Keep reading to know about the pointers which you need to keep in mind while planning for a marquee wedding!

Wedding Marquee Hire in Berkshire: Note the Checklist for a Smooth Event

  1. Kitchen space for Food and Beverage Service: The first and foremost thing that needs your consideration is the food and beverage service you will be providing. Do you want to have buffet service or serve full-plated meals? Plan if you wish to have an open or cash bar. Some other considerations include- • A counter space for your bartender to pour and serve. • Hiring glassware, plates and other necessary items.
  2. Weather Contingencies: Marquees protect your weddings from adverse weather conditions like sunshine and rain. In case you plan to host some occasions outside the marquee, plan how you want to stage the entire event by hiring small marquees or easy-to-erect tents.
  3. Decor and Furnishings: Furnishings and decor form to be an integral aspect of any wedding and thus, you need to focus on these too. Decide on the wedding traditions you wish to uphold and hire the required furnishings. You need to plan about the decorative items like flowers, lighting, candles; which will enhance the beauty of your wedding.
  4. Seating Requirements: While planning about wedding marquee hire in Berkshire, the seating arrangements of the event play an important role. In case of a plated meal, you need to have tables and chairs which provide enough space for your guests to dine at ease. For buffet meals, you can do with fewer tables and chairs.

    More Factors to Consider In a Marquee Wedding

  5. Storage and Backstage areas: Where will you hide the things which occur behind the scenes in an open space? Think where you will keep your store packaging and materials, place lighting and sound boards. Use marquees accordingly!
  6. Space for Performance: Talk to your musicians and DJ from before and decide about the space they need for performance. Before hiring a stage, check with your marquee provider about the space left after setting the seating arrangements.
  7. Toilet Facilities: Since allowing guests to use your private toilet is not possible at all times, it is best to have portable toilets for their convenience. You can choose these as per your preferred style and decor.
  8. Pathways and Parking: Decide on the areas where your guests can park their vehicles. No matter if it’s a dry weather or a rainy one, think about their journeys from the parking spot to your marquee.
So what are you still waiting for? Contact a reliable wedding marquee supplier in Berkshire and follow the checklist above. Happy planning!

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