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Welcome This Halloween With Marquee Hire In Sussex

If you are throwing a party this Halloween, try to hire a unique venue which will leave your guests in awe. Though there are various ways to celebrate this spooky holiday, planning a party is can be fun but also stressful.

Since the demand for marquee hire during the Halloween is gradually enhancing, suppliers are also trying their level best to offer a marquee tent which suits your event theme and the number of guests you are planning to invite. The venue is like a blank canvas which you can decorate any way you like and set the spooky meter higher during your Halloween party.

Want To Hire Marquee In Sussex For Your Halloween Party? 5 Decorating Tips For You

  • Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of your Halloween party is a prime thing to consider. Few of the common colours you can include are orange, grey, black and green. A majority of the marquees are white in colour which you can decorate by hanging some dark fabric from the ceiling. This will help a great deal in making the atmosphere look haunting.  
  • Brooms

You can easily get hold of those old witch-styled brooms from the market and place them in the corners or side of your marquee and the atmosphere of your Halloween party will become quite spooky. If you want them to look unique, just use white LED light strings to wrap up the brooms. Set the lights in such a mood so that they keep on flickering.  
  • Pumpkins

Pumpkins complete the look of a Halloween party so don’t forget to include many of them in your party venue. The small ones can be used as table centrepieces placed inside the marquee while the larger ones can be placed in the area surrounding the venue. You can even line them up at the entrance of the marquee and use it as a direction guide for your guests. You can make the entranceway more impressive by carving jack-o-lanterns in the big pumpkins.  
  • Spider Webs

Since spiders are something which people of every age are afraid of, including some fake spider webs when decorating the marquee hired in Sussex and your Halloween party will indeed look very spooky. You can easily buy a few bags of stretchy fake spider webs from the market and hang them from the walls of the marquee, both interior and exterior.  
  • Candles

Every Halloween party is incomplete without sufficient litted candles scattered all over the venue. Placing one on each stable will give the space an eerie glow. The light of a lighted candle flickers which makes the atmosphere look more mysterious and set the right mood for your party. Black or orange coloured candles can also be used. If your budget permits, buy some with witches and spider webs drawn on them.

These being said, it’s time you hire a suitable marquee for this Halloween party and use the decoration tips stated above.