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What are the Things to be considered while hiring a Marquee?

If you are planning for a marquee wedding or holding a corporate event in a marquee, go ahead. Hire reputed and experienced Marquee in Surrey to stage an event in a superb idea. It really adds a wow factor to the event while creating an exclusive talking point for any other type of occasion. However, there are a few things that you must make clear before hiring a marquee. And some of them are as follows:

Do you need a licence?

Usually, you don’t need. However, there are some factors to change the concept. If you are going to have music (which is quite likely) in the party, you may need to get a licence. But this is only required if you want to make profit from the music on offer. If you are, for instance, selling tickets. For a formal occasion or a wedding, you can go without licence. The other factor which may require you to get a licence is if you intend to sell alcohol from your marquee. If you are offering free liquor to your guests, you don’t need to worry about having a licence. But for paid pegs, you need to check whether or not the people running the bar have a valid licence.  

How do you supply power to the marquee venue?

There are a few options as it comes to supplying power in the marquee. Usually, the right solution is to hire a generator to power the lighting, heaters and amplifiers or anything else that needs electricity to get operated. Another option depends on how much energy you need. If you don’t need a lot, for a small PA system or a microphone for instance, as far as it reaches and maintains safety precautions, you can use an extension from your house (in case you are arranging the party in your yard). However, it may be done only according to the location of the marquee and the distance of the same from your property. It is, nevertheless, always recommended to use a generator as this is far more reliable. It never leaves you worrying about anything to blow which is very common if you run extension from the house.  

Where will your guests sit if you don’t have many chairs and tables?

Well, don’t worry about it. There is the option of furniture hiring. Any reputed and experienced Marquee hire company in Surrey can help you with this. They can, in fact, provide you with tables, chairs, tablecloths, chair covers, lighting, dance floors and anything that you can imagine. Just name it and they will provide you with the same to make the marquee as luxurious and comfortable as possible.  

Marquee hire is a great and most effective alternative to spending huge amount of money on a venue where you undoubtedly have to make many compromises with availability of space, noise limiters and a lot more. Also, you can place the marquee anywhere of your choice. All you need to have enough space so the marquee can be positioned perfectly. Also marquee can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain or wind and thus prevent them to put a dampener on your event.

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